Seed Sowing – Plantation Near Chandni Chowk, Pune

Seed sowing – plantation to be held at Chandni Chowk, Pune on Saturday, 30th June 2012. हरियालीने येत्या शनिवारी, ३० जुन,२०१२ रोजी चांदणी चौकाजवळच्या टेकडीवर बीजारोपणाचा कार्यक्रम आयोजित केला आहे. Continue reading

Changing Face Of Bhavale Forestland

Paper on “The Changing Face Of Bhavale Forestland” presented at the National Conference On Forests For The Future Of Man on 16-17 September 2011 by Prof. (Mr.) Punam Singavi

Development of forests through peoples’ participation under Tripartite Agreements has been the pronounced policy of the Government of Maharashtra. ‘HARIYALI’, championing this cause ever since its inception in 1996, entered into one such agreement on 10th December 2008 with the Thane Division of Forest for the development of 10 (ten) hectres of substantially degraded and denuded forest forming part of S. No. 48/4A/P of village Bhavale, Tal. Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane. Outstanding feature of this Agreement has been the fact that Hariyali has signed it in the capacity of an “NGO”, as also, a “Self-funding Agency”.

Work done by Hariyali through the “Shramdan” of thousands of volunteers from cross-sections of the society over less than last three years has simply been commendable and spectacular. This involves plantation of about 25,000 (twenty five thousand) trees of assorted species (most of which were self-propagated), development of four water bodies, twenty check dams and four hundred parallel trenches.

Survival rate of the trees planted with necessary replacements during last two monsoons has been 100% as of August 2011 despite the presence of several biotic interferences, such as, cattle-grazing, fire-wood collection and man-made jungle fires. Plantation has been done through seed-sowing, as also, sapling-planting. There has been a remarkable increase in the groundwater level as per the ‘suo motto feed-back’ received from the villagers. Number and species of birds, butterflies and other species of wild-life, such as, peacocks, wild boars, mongoose, reptiles, porcupines, etc, has been on the increase. Wild flowers are blooming over an increased area and trees have grown up to a height where one can seek shelter during noon hours. Local residents have started realizing the importance and significance of development and conservation of forests through peoples’ participation.

The paper throws light on the “Changing Face of Bhavale Forestland” through peoples’ participation under the auspices of HARIYALI.

” Meeting of prospective participants in Maha Beejaropan Abhiyan”



Dear Friends   


Sub: – (i) Maha Beejaropan Abhiyan 2010 and up-dation about   
other activities and events;  (ii) Informal meeting of the prospective participants on Sunday, 6th June   
at 4.00 p.m. at Bhagavati High School, Thane.    


Namaste, everybody!    

I believe, you are following the press reports about Hariyali’s several activities and the postings on its Web Site entitled <>, as also,  
One of the major activities that Hariyali intends to undertake is “MAHA BEEJAROPAN ABHIYAN” across National Highway No. 3, Thane to Dhule at the commencement of oncoming Monsoon with a wider base of peoples’ participation.  



1.Nature of the event and Location of the Activity:   

Sowing of assorted species of trees on the land that may be available on both sides of the newly widened National Highway No. 3, i.e, Mumbai-Agra Road on its 350 k.m. length from Thane-Shahapur-Kasara-Igatpuri-Nashik-Chandwad-Malegaon to Dhule with a special concentration on the forest land adjoining/near the Highway. As such, there would be special concentration of the activity at Laling near Dhule, Chandwad and Kasara-Shahpur section. Respective areas are marked on a map which would be posted on the Web Site shortly   

2. Period: Dhule-Malegaon Section: Friday, 25th June;   


                Chandwad-Igatpuri Section: Saturday, 26th June;   

                Kasara-Shahpur-Thane Section: Sunday, 27th June.   

                This activity would also be carried out MIDC, Ambad (Nashik) on Saturday, 26th June.  


3. Time: 08.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on the respective days at the respective places 

4. Co-ordnating Committees:   
Co-ordinating Committees have been constituted for the respective areas for successful implementation of the project. Following persons would act as Co-ordinators for Thane- Shahapur section: –  
Shri S.N. Patankar: 9322272777; Prin. L.S. Bhole: 25639911;  


Shri Satish Athalye: 9773287088; D.K. Sahasrabudhe: 9323891070.   

People wanting to participate in this event on this section are requested to contact any of them for additional info.   

5. Meeting of prospective participants: A meeting of members of Hariyali and all those who would like to participate in this event is convened for additional briefing on Sunday, 6thJune 2010 at 4.00 p.m. at Bhagavati High School, Vishnunagar, Naupada, Thane 400602. The project would be highlighted with a Power Point Presentation. A number of other events are also lined up for the entire monsoon and are posted on the Web Site. A P.P. Presentation will also be made a the forthcoming meeting on the “Changing Face of Bhavale”.   

All are requested to attend positively.   


Sincerely yours  
Thane, 1st June 2010  


Y.B. Bhide   

President, Hariyali   





















चला रुजवायला आंब्याच्या कोयी!

चला रुजवायला आंब्याच्या कोयी! Bookmark and Share Print E-mail
आंब्याच्या कोयी फेकून न देता त्या धुऊन स्वच्छ करून सावलीतच वाळवून जमा करण्याचे आवाहन हरियालीतर्फे काही दिवसांपूर्वी करण्यात आले होते. नागरिकांनी त्याला भरघोस प्रतिसाद देत अशा कोयी गोळा करून ठेवल्या आहेत, तशाच त्या हरियालीकडेदेखील जमा करण्यात आल्या आहेत.
अशा सर्व कोयींचा रुजवा हरियालीतर्फे भवाळे-लेणाड परिसरातील वनजमिनीवर रविवार, ३० मे रोजी सकाळी ७ ते ११ या वेळेत करण्यात येणार आहे. या वनजमीन रा.म.पा.क्र.३ (मुंबई-नाशिक महामार्ग) पासून पांजरापोळ ते पिसे धरणाच्या रस्त्यालगत भवाळे-लेणाड या गावाच्या परिसरात आहे. हे ठिकाण ठाण्यापासून सुमारे २५ कि.मी., कल्याणपासून आठ कि.मी आणि भिवंडीपासून सुमारे १० कि.मी.वर आहे. हरियालीतर्फे या डोंगरावर गेले दोन पावसाळे जनसहभागातून मोठय़ा प्रमाणावर वृक्षलागवड आणि जलसंवर्धनाचे काम चालू असून, एकेकाळी उघडय़ा-बोडक्या झालेल्या या डोंगराचे स्वरूप आमूलाग्रपणे बदलायला सुरुवात झाली आहे.
ज्यांना या क्रांतिकारी उपक्रमात सामील होण्याची इच्छा असेल अथवा आपल्या प्रिय व्यक्तींच्या स्मरणार्थ कोयी रुजवून आम्रवृक्ष लावण्याचे पुण्यकर्म करण्याची इच्छा असेल, त्या सर्वांनी आपली नावे गोविंद चव्हाण (९८१९१२८५१४) अथवा अजित देशबंधू (९८६९०२३७९४) अथवा अ‍ॅड. सुरेखा पाटील (९३२२६४८६२४) यांच्याकडे नोंदवावीत,असे आवाहन ‘हरियाली’ चे अध्यक्ष पुनम सिंगवी यांनी केले आहे.

Road to the Nature that is full of Life

बोल मेरी तकदीर में क्या है
मेरे हमसफर अब तो बता
जीवन के दो पहलू है
हरियाली और रास्ता..
या गीताप्रमाणेच रस्तेबांधणी म्हटल्यावर ‘विकास आणि पर्यावरणाचा ऱ्हास’ असं एक द्वंद्व हमखास उभ ठाकतं. त्यातही एखाद्या महामार्गाच्या चार वा सहा पदरीकरणाचा विषय असला तर त्यात होणारी हजारो झाडांची कत्तल, डोंगरांचं सपाटीकरण यासारखे मुद्दे नेहमीच वादग्रस्त बनतात. सुरुवातीला वाद, चर्चा, विरोध भरपूर होतो, पण त्यातून निष्पन्न काहीच होत नाही, हा आजवरचा सार्वत्रिक अनुभव. मुंबई-आग्रा महामार्गाच्या ठाणे-नाशिक-धुळे या टप्प्यातील रुंदीकरणाचा प्रस्ताव आल्यावर हे सारे यथासांग पार पडलेच. रस्त्याचे काम वेग घेऊ लागले तसा विरोधही तीव्र होऊ लागला. पण केवळ विरोधासाठी विरोधाची मानसिकता न बाळगता लोकसहभागातून या महामार्गाच्या परिसरात तब्बल एक कोटी बीजरोपणाचे ‘रुजवाई’ अभियान राबविण्यासाठी ‘हरियाली’ संस्था सरसावली. ते पाहून विरोधाचा सूर क्षीण होत गेला अन् रचनात्मक कामासाठी सहकार्याचे अनेक हात पुढे आले. परस्परसहकार्याच्या माध्यमातून हा संकल्प सिद्धीस गेला तर ती या रस्त्याची एक खासीयत ठरेलच, शिवाय इतरांसाठीही तो आदर्श ‘पॅटर्न’ ठरेल.
आज ‘इन्फ्रास्ट्रक्चर’ हा सर्वत्र परवलीचा शब्द बनला आहे. त्याचा मूलाधार रस्ता असल्याने रस्तेविकासाला प्रचंड वेग आला आहे. हे करताना वृक्षांची तोड अपरिहार्य ठरते. साहजिकच पर्यावरणाची मोठी हानी होत आहे. सध्या मुंबई-आग्रा महामार्ग रुंदीकरणाचा ‘मेगा प्रोजेक्ट’ हाती घेण्यात आला आहे. त्यामुळे पुन्हा एकदा ‘विकास विरुद्ध पर्यावरण’ या वादाचे सूर आळवले जात आहेत. अशावेळी अनिल अवचटांच्या ‘सृष्टीत.. गोष्टीत..’ पुस्तकातली ‘रस्ते-वेड’ ही रूपककथा आठवल्याशिवाय राहत नाही. माणसाचं रस्ते बांधण्याचं वेड आणि त्यामुळे निसर्गाची लागणारी वाट यावर गोष्टीत प्रकाश टाकला आहे. मोठमोठे रस्ते बांधण्यात कॉन्ट्रॅक्टर, नोकरशहा, राजकारणी यांचे खिसे भरतात. मात्र जंगलं, डोंगर रिते होत जातात. दणक्यात सुरू असलेल्या अशा कामांमुळे झाडं, डोंगर हताश होतात. रस्तेबांधणीचा हव्यास वाढत चालल्याचं पाहून अखेर किडामुंग्यांपासून जमिनीपर्यंत निसर्गातले सगळे घटक एकत्र येतात. ठरल्यानुसार जमीन हालचाल करते. त्यामुळे रस्त्यांना भेगा पडतात. त्यातून माती बाहेर येते. बॅक्टेरिया जमीन भुसभुशीत करतात. बिया रुजतात. ढग पाऊस पाडतात. आणि बघता बघता एके दिवशी रस्त्याच्या या भेगांतून नवी सृष्टी जन्म घेते. जगभरात सर्वत्र हे होत असल्यानं माणूस गोंधळून जातो. जमीन त्याला खडसावते, ‘माझ्या पोटातले इंधनाचे साठे संपलेत. अन् आता रस्तेही नाहीत. मग कशी चालवणार तुझी वाहनं? कुठे जाणार रस्ते नसताना?’ हे ऐकून माणसांतली चांगली माणसं पुढे येतात. आपण याआधी हेच पटवून देत असल्याची आठवण करून देऊन, आता आहे तिथेच थांबून यापुढे निसर्गाची हानी न करता जगण्याचं आश्वासन देतात. मग ही कोंडी फुटते आणि जंगलं पुन्हा बहरू लागतात.. अशा आशयाची ही रूपककथा. त्यातलं भाष्य मार्मिक जरूर आहे; मात्र आजच्या जमान्यात ते सगळ्यांना रुचेलच असं नाही.
झाडं तर हवीतच; पण अगदी रस्त्याच्या कडेला त्यांची काय गरज आहे? पूर्वीच्या काळी पायी किंवा हत्ती-घोडय़ांवर स्वार होऊन प्रवास करताना रस्त्याच्या कडेला सावली व निवाऱ्यासाठी झाडं उपयोगी ठरायची. आज आधुनिक वाहनांच्या जमान्यात उलट रस्त्यापासून काही अंतर राखूनच झाडं असावीत, हा विचार मांडला जातो. गतिमान वाहनांमुळे अलीकडे प्रवासाचा पॅटर्नच बदलला आहे. पांथस्थांप्रमाणे ठराविक अंतरावर थांबून झाडाखाली विश्रांतीची गरज उरलेली नाही. शे-दीडशे कि.मी.चे अंतर अडीच-तीन तासांत कापले जाते. विश्रांतीसाठी रस्त्याच्या बाजूला हॉटेल्स असतात. त्यामुळे रस्त्यालगतच्या झाडांची तशी निकड राहिलेली नाही. उलट, रस्त्याला खेटून असणाऱ्या झाडांमुळे प्रवासादरम्यान निर्माण होणारे अडथळे, वळणावर चालकाला समोरून येणाऱ्या वाहनांचा नीट अंदाज न येणे, रात्रीच्या वेळी झाडांवर वाहने धडकून होणारे अपघात, झाडांच्या फांद्या पडून ठप्प होणारी वाहतूक, झाडांची मुळे खोलवर शिरल्याने रस्त्यांना पोहचणारी हानी पाहता रस्त्यापासून २५ ते ३० मीटर लांब झाडे लावावीत, असा ‘प्रॅक्टिकल’ विचार होत आहे. अमेरिका-युरोपात अशी रस्तेबांधणी होत असल्याचा दाखलाही याकरता दिला जातो. या दोन्ही परस्परविरोधी टोकाच्या भूमिका पाहता त्यातून सुवर्णमध्ये काढण्याच्या उद्देशाने ‘हरियाली’ संस्थेने मुंबई-आग्रा महामार्गाच्या ठाणे ते धुळे या पट्टय़ात रस्त्याला अडथळा येणार नाही, अशा रीतीने येत्या पावसाळ्यात तब्बल एक कोटी बिया रुजविण्याचे अभियान हाती घेतले आहे. त्यासाठी पाहणी दौरा, स्थानिक मंडळींशी संपर्काची एक फेरी पूर्ण झाली आहे. या उपक्रमाला परिसरातल्या वृक्षप्रेमींकडून लाभणारा प्रतिसाद आशादायी आहे. शिवाय, फक्त बीजारोपण करून भागणार नाही, तर सुरवातीला झाडांची काळजी घ्यावी लागेल, ती जगवावी लागतील. हे लक्षात घेऊन झाडे नेमकी कुठे लावायची, त्यांची काळजी कुणी घ्यायची, याबाबतचे नियोजन सुरू आहे. याबाबतचा डोंगरमाथ्यांवर, माळरानांवर, पंढरीच्या वारीच्या मार्गावर केलेले वृक्षारोपण व पर्यावरणसंवर्धनाचा दीर्घ अनुभव संस्थेच्या गाठीशी आहे. त्यामुळेच महामार्ग परिसरात या पावसाळ्यात तब्बल एक कोटी बिया रुजविण्याचे शिवधनुष्य पेलण्याचा आत्मविश्वास ‘हरियाली’च्या पदाधिकाऱ्यांमध्ये आहे. अर्थात त्यासाठी त्यांना हवं आहे स्थानिकांचं सहकार्य. हा उपक्रम कुणा एका व्यक्ती वा संस्थेचा नाही, तर तो सर्वाचा आहे. त्यामुळे त्यासाठी केवळ सरकारी योजना किंवा मदतीवर अवलंबून न राहता, हे आपलेच काम समजून प्रत्येकाने त्यात सहभाग द्यावा, अशी अपेक्षा आहे. या अनुषंगाने आपल्या भागात विविध उपक्रम, नव्या संकल्पना राबविणाऱ्यांना प्रोत्साहन म्हणून तिथे त्यांच्या नावाचे फलक लावले जातील. तसेच रोपणानंतर झाडांची निगा कशी राखली गेलीय, याचे परीक्षण करून स्पर्धात्मकतेलाही उत्तेजन दिले जाणार आहे. महामार्गासाठी जेवढी वृक्षतोड झालीय त्याच्या कित्येक पटीने या परिसरात वृक्षलागवड करून मृतप्राय निसर्ग पुन्हा एकदा सचेतन करण्याचा हा संकल्प आहे. त्यासाठी बियांची तजवीज तसेच इतर मदत व मार्गदर्शन ‘हरियाली’ करणार आहे. ही एक अनोखी व अपूर्व अशी संधी चालून आल्याने त्याचा पुरेपूर लाभ घेतला जायला हवा. केवळ विरोधासाठी विरोध किंवा सरकारी धोरणांवर टीका-टिप्पणी करत बसण्यापेक्षा लोकसहभागाने कोणता चमत्कार घडू शकतो, हे सिद्ध करण्याचा प्रयत्न म्हणून या उपक्रमाकडे सकारात्मकतेने पाहायला हवे. तसे झाल्यास भविष्यात अन्य महामार्गाचा प्रवासही एका नव्या हरितक्रांतीच्या दिशेने सुरू होईल..

‘रुजवाई’ सर्वत्र शक्य!
मुंबई-आग्रा महामार्गाच्या परिसरात ‘हरियाली’ संस्थेने हाती घेतलेले ‘रुजवाई’ अभियानासारखे उपक्रम लोकसहभागातून अन्य ठिकाणीही राबवले जाऊ शकतात. त्यासंबंधी अधिक माहितीसाठी संस्थेचे पूनम सिंगवी यांच्याशी मोबाइल क्र. ९३२३२९१८९० किंवा ०२२-२५४७४११९ या दूरध्वनी क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधता येईल.


Thane, 1st May 2010Chairman,Founder President demonstrate the sowing technique


Hariyali has been working in the field on environmental protection and up-gradation for about last fourteen years and has become a world-famous environmental organization doing constructive work. Major focus is on implementing massive afforestation schemes, water conservation and rainwater harvesting projects and generating environmental awareness amongst the masses through all possible means. Emphasis is more on peoples’ participation, Shramdan with a focus on students of all age-groups.

For last several years it has also been distributing seeds amongst Warkaris (Pilgrimants to Pandharpur), devotees of Sai going to Shirdi on foot, hikers, trekkers, etc, for sowing all across the route of their commutation. Number of seeds of assorted species of forest-friendly trees so distributed over a period of time has now exceeded a crore and fifty lakhs.  Response from all sections of the society has been tremendous and results of such activities are visible at several places.

Hariyali is now planning to distribute and actually sow more than a crore (ten millions) seeds of assorted species of forest-friendly and avenue trees over a length of about 350 k.m. of National Highway No. 3 (Mumbai-Agra Road) starting from Thane to Dhule during the period from Friday, 25th June to Sunday 27th June 2010. It intends to involve lot many environmental and social service organizations, senior citizens, mahila mandals, students from schools and colleges and other nature loving and socially conscious citizens from towns and villages situated all across the route in this noble task. Co-operation is also being sought from the Highway Authority and the Contracting Firms who were involved in the road widening project on this sector. Thousands of trees were uprooted during last few years as part of the road-widening work. Hariyali proposes to make good this loss of nature to the extent possible by undertaking and implementing this Mega Seed Distribution and Sowing Project as its humble contribution on the State completing fifty years of its formation.  


Participation of citizens and other organizations is expected in the form of Shramdan, collection and distribution of seeds, implements, sponsorships, voluntary donations, actual participation in and supervision of the work, etc. Apart from making its own collection of seeds through peoples’ participation, Hariyali also intends to buy seeds required for this project from the Joint Forest Management Committees, Tribal Development societies, forest Department, etc, at a reasonable cost. Lot many people from the Corporate Sector are also expected to participate in this project.

The species of trees whose seeds Hariyali intends to sow include karanj, kanchan, giri pushp, neem, gulmohor, rain tree, bahava, mango, jamun, amla (all local names), etc. It is also proposed to procure and sow seeds of several medicinal plants and bushes, flower shrubs, etc, depending upon local conditions.

Hariyali intends to impress upon the minds of the road contractors and local people to take care of trees that may grow out of this mega exercise. Past experience of the Organization shows that the percentage of survival would vary from 5% to 90% depending upon the level of participation, rainfall, biotic interference, etc, in each sector of the region. The trees would take about three to five years to show substantial growth. It may be necessary to repeat the exercise for next two more years to achieve 100% results.

It is proposed to form a committee of technical persons having long-standing experience and academic knowledge  in the field apart from a co-ordinating committee for the entire project. Major towns on the route after Thane are Bhivandi, Shahapur, Khardi, Igatpuri, Ghoti, Nasik, Ozar, Pimpalgaon, Chandwad, Malegaon and Dhule. Hariyali feels confident that it has and can seek necessary expertise, competence, co-operation and participation of people on the scale that implementation of the project requires.

Organizations and individuals desirous of participating in the implementation of the project are requested to contact the organization through Shri Punam Singavi, founder President and Project in charge on <9323291890> and/or or .

Punam Singavi

Founder Chairman Punamji at “PAWS” Seminar

Founder Chairman gave a PP Presentation on need for Aforestation and Water Conservation

On 18th April 2010, our Founder Chairman Shree Punam Singavi was invited by “PAWS” to address the participants of their Seminar “Learn To Care Workshop 2010

Mr. Sangavi gave a Power Point Presentation on need to grow more trees and conserve water. He stressed on how simple measures like segregating kitchen waste and other household waste, saving fruit seeds and reusing plastic milk bags for raising saplings.

On conservation of water he brought out through slides many ways in which water is wasted and which can be saved just by simple care.

The slides he presented of a letter written by a father to son in 2070 brought out stark gloomy scenario what will happen if we ignore our responsibilities!

Accenture visits Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali Thane

Accenture Group, Happy with Hariyali

From IT Major Accenture, a group 60 strong paid a visit to Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali on 27th March, 2010.

This was their first visit to Hariyali Nursery.

It was a group of highly energetic people, and they showed a definite commitment to their responsibilities towards Environment.

Shree Madhukar Date narrated the objectives of Hariyali.

100% commitment from the young one!

They were explained the working of Sapling making, reasons for transferring them to Green House, transferring them to larger Polybags, acclimatization of the saplings to natural surroundings and then transplanting them at their permanent site in the barren hills of Bhavale.

They sowed 325 seeds mainly of Beheda, transferred 310  Sagargota saplings from smaller bags to larger bags and shifted from shade to sun 154 grown up saplings , including 59 saplings transferred to the larger polythene bags (weighing about 6 kgs each)

The 2 hour work ended by 12 noon.

On the whole, the group did excellent work. Even the four kiddies who accompanied the group did there bit with 100 % commitment!

We feel that they are hooked to plantation activity! The Group leader had our calendar of activities and the Group members expressed strong desire to participate in our future activities 

Hariyali organized a workshop on Balcony Garden.

Mrs. Temghare


All very attentive to what is said by Mrs. Temghare


Many Beautiful Plants on a Single Brick



Mrs Aditi Date, one of Hariyali’s very active members organized a workshop at our Kasar Vadavali Nursery on 21st March 2010.    



Mrs. Temghare a very   well-known Horticulturist was invited to give a talk and also hold a Demo on  how one can create beautiful Green Corner in ones’  apartment.    

She showed variety of plants suitable for indoor cultivation and how with very simple methods these can be looked after and also decorate the apartment.    

She also showed how one can make manure from discarded parts of vegetables and at the same time grow vegetables in ones balcony!    

The most interesting and eyecatching Demo was growing almost 6 to 7 small plants on only a common brick by creating a small cavity in the brick and putting small quantity of soil and manure in it.    

The workshop was well attended by members as well as persons from nearby housing societies.

Gudhi Padwa Chitra Rath Yatra






Namaste, everybody!


            This communication comes to you with the best wishes for a Happy Gudhi Padwa and New Year!

You will be happy to know that we, the Members of Hariyali would be participating in the New Year (Gudhi Padwa) Procession in Thane on Tuesday, 16th March 2010 with a Float depicting the activities of and environmental issues which are being addressed to by Hariyali.

            The Procession will begin at 07.00 a.m. from the Kopineshwar Mandir and would follow the usual route of Talao Pali – Dr. Ambedkar Road – L.B.S. Marg – Hari Niwas Circle –  M.G. Road – Gokhle Road – Ram Maruti Road and back to Talao Pali. The Procession is expected to terminate by 10.00 a.m.

Members of the Managing Committee and the Board of Trustees of Hariyali are pleased to invite you to participate in the said Procession, assembling at Talao Pali, Opp. Chintamani Jewellers by 07.00 a.m. You may also join the Procession at any point across the route as per your convenience, if it be not possible for you to join it at the starting point. Please join with the members of your family and friends.

Thane, 12th March 2010

Y.B. Bhide, President, Hariyali


Punamji receiving Award from The Dombivali Nagri Sahakari Bank

Shree Punam Singavi receiving Award from the hand of Shree Salilji at the function held at Dombivali Nagri Sahakari Bank on 17th January, 2010 in recognition of work done in the field of Environment. A sum of Rs.21000/- was handed over by Shree Salilji, Brand Ambessador of the Bank. The Award giving function was held at Dombivali.

A Sum of Rs 1800000/- was given away as awards to about 80 NGOs in recognition of the work done in their respective fields.