Hariyali’s Successful Seminar


Felicitation of alliance groups involved in Tetavli Project of Hariyali and VVKI



An informative seminar was organised by Hariyali & VVKI on 22nd December, 2017 at Parmeshwari Centre, Mulund to brainstorm with environment lovers on collective strategy for survival of plants at its Tetavli project and also to  felicitate all the alliance groups for their valuable contribution towards this Project. This was done under the guidance of Project coordinator Mr.Ashok Gondhale, Mr.Vivek Chandan, Trustee Shri Suresh Patankar, Secretary Shri Suryakant Apte, Seminar Co-ordinator Mrs. Vibhavari Chande with the help of Seminar Committee members Mrs. Meera Prakash, Mrs. Nita Thakkar and enthusiastic volunteers.


The event started with lighting a lamp by Hariyali’s Founder President Mr. Punam Singavi, Current President Shri Pradeep Lothe, Immediate Past President Shri Satish Aathalye, Secretary Shri Suryakant Apte and Trustee Shri Suresh Patankar.


The arriving members were given information about Hariyali by Mrs. Geeta Balan and Mrs. Aarti Chauhan. Mrs. Vibhavari welcomed the audience followed by a      brief introduction of Hariyali and its activities since inception by Joint Secretary             Mr. Shrinivas Sathe.


Mr. Suryakant Apte. presented gist of Tetavli Project, Tripartite Agreement, existing situation of Land, planning of the project,how we were coordinating with nature lovers for participation, work carried out as on date, how we are using water course for watering the plant throughout the year, etc.


Mr. Satish Athalye then pointed out the nature of aftercare which comprises of removing grass using four grass cutting machines, removing unwanted branches of plants, using manure, watering the plants by using submersible pumps from water course, the over head water tanks installed top of the hill  and its importance for the survival of plants.


Dr. Neelima Kulkarni, Chairman of Hariyali – Mulund, presented the interim report stating the work done at Tetavli and also listed the participatory members which included corporations like Galaxy Surfactant, Crisil, MIAL,Bank of New York,DHL, schools and colleges like Pawar Public School, ICT college, Ruia College, Pillai College and many more nature lovers. After a tea break of 10 minutes.


Mrs. Vibhavari Chande, Joint Secretary of Mulund Vibhag threw light on the financial scenario in relation to seven years’ estimate of entire project. Mrs.Vibhavari Chande appealed to finance hariyali’s Manmade Forest at Rabale-Tetavli,

Mr. Ghatkal, representative of VVKI, stressed on the need and importance of man-made forest in urban areas.


Mr. Pradeep Lothe ended the presentation by discussing the plan of future activities and the way ahead in 2018-19.


The alliance groups and their representatives were then felicitated with a certificate, 1kg of organic manure (made from Hariyali’s home project of solid waste management by collecting Mulund’s market waste and converting it into bio compost) and a Tulsi plant in an environment friendly bag.


A panel discussion was then conducted chaired by Dr. Neelima with experts like Mr. Apte, Mr. Athalye and Mr. Ghatkal who discussed various issues related to the environment. An interactive Q & A session was also encouraged for which many from the audience voiced their queries which were satisfactorily answered by the panel. Audience expressed their appreciation for Hariyali’s efforts towards the society and also shared their memorable experiences of having worked with Hariyali in the past and their wish to continue doing so in the future as well.


Mrs. Amruta Iyer, daughter of life member Mrs. Meera Prakash, residing in London, who was highly impresssd by Hariyali’s work made an instant donation of Rs. 25000/- towards this project. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Meera Prakash, for all the members involved in making the event successful.


Session was concluded after Tea and snacks.


Following participants were felicitated

1 Mial
2 Galaxy Surfactant
3 CGI information systems
4 DHL.
5 Rhenus Logistics
6 Rotact club Thane
7 Pawar Public school
8 Accenture
9 Satyaa sai seva sangh
10 Yoga meditation
11 Connect for

An Invitation for Interactive seminar on Forest Development


Dear Madam / Sir

Subject: Interactive seminar on forest development

Hariyali, a Thane based NGO working for environmental protection development and awareness  is organizing an Interactive seminar on the given subject. Details are as under.

Date     :           Saturday 22nd November 2014

Time    :           9.30am to 1.30pm

Venue  :           3rd floor Hall, Saraswati secondary school (Marathi medium)                           Gokhle Road, Naupada, Opposite Malhar Cinema,   Thane (W) 400602

You have been participating voluntarily in Hariyali’s activity out of your zeal for nature. Now is the time to expose ourselves to a scientific / systematic approach towards nurturing forests.

Hariyali is pleased to inform all nature lovers that renowned authorities will be taking part in seminar, the topic covered in the seminar shall be mainly related to Forest development and specific subject of “tree”.

Program Schedule

9.30 to 10.00   :           Registrations  [spot registration Rs. 50/-  including Tea & High Tea ]

10.00 to 10.15 :           Introductions and felicitation

10.15 to 11.00 :           lecturer  –  Mr. Mahesh Sabne will address to participants on                                                “What is Tree” and “What is Forest”

11.00 to 11.15 :           Tea  break

11.15 to 12.15 :           Lecture  –   Mr. Rajendra Bhat on  “Man made Forest” and                                                    “Conservation of natural resources”

12.15 to 12.45 :           Dialogue with Mr Rajendra Bhat and Mahesh Sabne

12.45 to 1.15   :           Panel discussion and concluding remarks

1.15                 :           High Tea

You are requested to participate actively in seminar and help Hariyali for future activities.

Secretary                                                                                                        Co-ordinator

Suryakant Apte                                                                                              S M Sathe

9869184995                                                                                                    9819098978

Hariyali has organised a Seed Collection Drive and a Trek At Munda Dongar

Hariyali has organised a seed collection – cum – trek to Munda Dongar on 4th May 2014.

This site is off Ghodbunder road, approx. 14-15 km. from Thane station. There is plenty of public transport available. All the ST buses starting from Thane station heading towards Borivali, Bhayander, Vasai are suitable. In addition, there are BEST buses route no. 700 or 700AS, TMT buses for Borivali and Mira Road, Mira Bhayander Corporation buses all available at Thane station. One should be able to get a bus in less than 10 minutes. The stop to get down is either “Coca Cola Depot” or adjacent “Kajupada”. Buses usually take around 25 minutes from Thane station to destination stop. Likewise there would be buses from Borivali heading towards Thane with same-named bus stops. This route also takes around 25-30 minutes.

We should be present at these stops at 7.15 AM positively.There would be some seed collection at the base of the dongar followed by trek during which, also, seed collection would take place.
Trek to Munda Dongar takes about 25-30 minutes when taken non-stop and is through dense forest with a climb of about 600 ft.

Please note following pre-requisites. Everyone should
1. Wear attire covering legs and arms to the extent possible. Avoid Bermudas, shorts etc.
2. Wear appropriate footwear. Avoid chappals.
3. Carry at least 3 polythene bags for collection of seeds.
4. Carry large bottle of drinking water.
5. Carry one-time snacks for self.
Camera is optional (but the site is picturesque).

Please inform number of participants in this event at the earliest for planning. Optimum strength would be 15 nos. Therefore early enrollment is recommended.
P. S. Lothe 9821250725

Schedule of Activities at Bhawale Lonad Forest Site, June July 2014

Dear All

\We have given the link below for the schedule of activities to be carried out at Bhawale Lonad site for the period June, July 2014. We request all Nature Lovers as well as organisations to book their dates on the schedule. All correspondence for reserving the dates shall be only through E-mails. Hariyali shall in return confirm the dates alloted to you. Please do mention the Number of Participants as well as the contact details of the co-ordinator while writing to us ONLY ON mailto: hariyalithane@gmail.com; hariyalithane@gmail.com</a>—–

Calender for the months of June July 14


FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

“For a change Hariyali receives seeds!” 
All these years Hariyali has been distributing seeds amongst people for sowing and making saplings. However, having felt motivated by this simple but very useful activity, many nature-lovers have started collecting, preserving and handing those over to Hariyali for growing saplings and distributing the same amongst potential tree-growers. Volunteers from “Jaanata Raja” an NGO from Mankhurd, Mumbai handed over about five kgs of seeds of Bahava and Tamrin collected by them to Shri Y.B. Bhide, President of Hariyali in the presence of other activists of Hariyali. 
Hariyali, for a change, receives seeds


Hariyali, in partership with Ankur Publications published two book, Gyanbache Paryavaran and Gyanbache Bhatakanti authoured by an acknowledged writer and an eminent personality on Environment and a great crusader for betterment of Environment,Shree Punam Sangavi.

These books were released by Shri Ashok Chitnis and Shri Madhuri Pejavar on 2nd June 2013 in Thane amids very big Hariyali Parivar, noted celebrities of Thane and around, and host of lovers of environment.

A photo and a press coverage is attached here for you to view!

DSC_0826-2BR Sanmitra 020613

1,000 Trees To Cost Buffalo Grove $170,000, an interesting news

1,000 Trees To Cost Buffalo Grove $170,000

By SEAN STILLMAKER Journal & Topics Reporter | Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2012 8:15 am
Buffalo Grove is jumping ahead of the curve by buying trees in bulk.
The village and nearly the entire Northwest suburban area will be needing thousands of trees in upcoming years to replace ones infected by the Emerald Ash Borer.
Buffalo Grove has approximately 7,000 ash trees that will all eventually be infected by EAB, if they haven’t been already, according to officials.
In order to avoid skyrocketing prices from increasing demand, the village wants to lock in prices now by buying in bulk.
The village board approved a contract Monday, June 4 with St. Aubin Nursery in Kirkland to begin growing 1,000 trees for $170,000.
The stock is to be planted this month with harvest expected in the fall of 2014.
The village is also working with the nursery on securing a stock price for the approximate remaining 6,000 replacement trees.
“Demand for nursery stock is going to get very interesting for this region in the upcoming years,” said Village Manager Dane Bragg. “We want to get ahead of the curve.”
The nursery will grow a variety of species for the village such as oak, sycamore, elm, hornbeam, ironwood and others.
Buffalo Grove was first infected by EAB in 2009. Officials estimated costs for total tree removal and replacement at $4 million.
By buying in bulk, the village is hoping to reduce that estimate.