An Invitation for Interactive seminar on Forest Development


Dear Madam / Sir

Subject: Interactive seminar on forest development

Hariyali, a Thane based NGO working for environmental protection development and awareness  is organizing an Interactive seminar on the given subject. Details are as under.

Date     :           Saturday 22nd November 2014

Time    :           9.30am to 1.30pm

Venue  :           3rd floor Hall, Saraswati secondary school (Marathi medium)                           Gokhle Road, Naupada, Opposite Malhar Cinema,   Thane (W) 400602

You have been participating voluntarily in Hariyali’s activity out of your zeal for nature. Now is the time to expose ourselves to a scientific / systematic approach towards nurturing forests.

Hariyali is pleased to inform all nature lovers that renowned authorities will be taking part in seminar, the topic covered in the seminar shall be mainly related to Forest development and specific subject of “tree”.

Program Schedule

9.30 to 10.00   :           Registrations  [spot registration Rs. 50/-  including Tea & High Tea ]

10.00 to 10.15 :           Introductions and felicitation

10.15 to 11.00 :           lecturer  –  Mr. Mahesh Sabne will address to participants on                                                “What is Tree” and “What is Forest”

11.00 to 11.15 :           Tea  break

11.15 to 12.15 :           Lecture  –   Mr. Rajendra Bhat on  “Man made Forest” and                                                    “Conservation of natural resources”

12.15 to 12.45 :           Dialogue with Mr Rajendra Bhat and Mahesh Sabne

12.45 to 1.15   :           Panel discussion and concluding remarks

1.15                 :           High Tea

You are requested to participate actively in seminar and help Hariyali for future activities.

Secretary                                                                                                        Co-ordinator

Suryakant Apte                                                                                              S M Sathe

9869184995                                                                                                    9819098978

Hariyali has organised a Seed Collection Drive and a Trek At Munda Dongar

Hariyali has organised a seed collection – cum – trek to Munda Dongar on 4th May 2014.

This site is off Ghodbunder road, approx. 14-15 km. from Thane station. There is plenty of public transport available. All the ST buses starting from Thane station heading towards Borivali, Bhayander, Vasai are suitable. In addition, there are BEST buses route no. 700 or 700AS, TMT buses for Borivali and Mira Road, Mira Bhayander Corporation buses all available at Thane station. One should be able to get a bus in less than 10 minutes. The stop to get down is either “Coca Cola Depot” or adjacent “Kajupada”. Buses usually take around 25 minutes from Thane station to destination stop. Likewise there would be buses from Borivali heading towards Thane with same-named bus stops. This route also takes around 25-30 minutes.

We should be present at these stops at 7.15 AM positively.There would be some seed collection at the base of the dongar followed by trek during which, also, seed collection would take place.
Trek to Munda Dongar takes about 25-30 minutes when taken non-stop and is through dense forest with a climb of about 600 ft.

Please note following pre-requisites. Everyone should
1. Wear attire covering legs and arms to the extent possible. Avoid Bermudas, shorts etc.
2. Wear appropriate footwear. Avoid chappals.
3. Carry at least 3 polythene bags for collection of seeds.
4. Carry large bottle of drinking water.
5. Carry one-time snacks for self.
Camera is optional (but the site is picturesque).

Please inform number of participants in this event at the earliest for planning. Optimum strength would be 15 nos. Therefore early enrollment is recommended.
P. S. Lothe 9821250725



On the weekend post Independence Day, we had large groups participating in our Tree Plantation Drive at our plantation site at “village Bavale-Lenad” on Mumbai-Nasik road.

On Saturday 17th August, we had a group of 15 ladies from ONGC. They came from various locations like Panvel, Bandra etc. They joined a group of 40 children, both girls and boys from various localities of Ulhas Nagar. This group of children was brought by the organization named “ज्योत – बहुउद्देषीय सामाजिक संस्था / Jyot – Bahu Uddeshiy Samajik Sanstha”.

Both these groups, in spite of heavy rain, planted over 70 saplings. The work included carrying the sampling up the hill, digging pits and planting saplings.

Sunday 18th August, saw people from Software Industry joining people from Traditional Industry. Siemens Employees Union on the occasion of completion of 50 years of union formation, came in with 40 nature lovers and joined a group of 20 software and media professionals brought in by Dombivali based NGO “जाणीव – एक सामाजिक चळवळ / Janeev – ek samajik chalval”. This NGO, though comparatively young, does important work in and around Dombivali. Their work includes child education, children library, different cleaning drives, nature conservation activities etc.

Both these groups together, planted over 250 saplings. One group also undertook check dam repair work which will be one of our main activities post monsoon.

Participation in nature conservation activities by people across the cross section of our society is an encouraging signal of growing awareness among people for nature conservation and preservation.

Hope to receive more and more support of such enthusiasts in the future!

Vinay Ketkar 



Hariyali, in partership with Ankur Publications published two book, Gyanbache Paryavaran and Gyanbache Bhatakanti authoured by an acknowledged writer and an eminent personality on Environment and a great crusader for betterment of Environment,Shree Punam Sangavi.

These books were released by Shri Ashok Chitnis and Shri Madhuri Pejavar on 2nd June 2013 in Thane amids very big Hariyali Parivar, noted celebrities of Thane and around, and host of lovers of environment.

A photo and a press coverage is attached here for you to view!

DSC_0826-2BR Sanmitra 020613

1,000 Trees To Cost Buffalo Grove $170,000, an interesting news

1,000 Trees To Cost Buffalo Grove $170,000

By SEAN STILLMAKER Journal & Topics Reporter | Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2012 8:15 am
Buffalo Grove is jumping ahead of the curve by buying trees in bulk.
The village and nearly the entire Northwest suburban area will be needing thousands of trees in upcoming years to replace ones infected by the Emerald Ash Borer.
Buffalo Grove has approximately 7,000 ash trees that will all eventually be infected by EAB, if they haven’t been already, according to officials.
In order to avoid skyrocketing prices from increasing demand, the village wants to lock in prices now by buying in bulk.
The village board approved a contract Monday, June 4 with St. Aubin Nursery in Kirkland to begin growing 1,000 trees for $170,000.
The stock is to be planted this month with harvest expected in the fall of 2014.
The village is also working with the nursery on securing a stock price for the approximate remaining 6,000 replacement trees.
“Demand for nursery stock is going to get very interesting for this region in the upcoming years,” said Village Manager Dane Bragg. “We want to get ahead of the curve.”
The nursery will grow a variety of species for the village such as oak, sycamore, elm, hornbeam, ironwood and others.
Buffalo Grove was first infected by EAB in 2009. Officials estimated costs for total tree removal and replacement at $4 million.
By buying in bulk, the village is hoping to reduce that estimate.




Hariyali Thane has organized One-day Monsoon Eco Tour of Bhavale-Lenad Hills & Khandeshwari Caves , our Aforestation site. The site is on Pise Dam Road, off N. H. No. 3, Tal. Bhivandi, Dist: Thane (Just 25 k.m. from Thane, connected by excellent road) .

The Bhavale Hills have become greener year by year and many saplings planted by YOU are now strong healthy trees.

There are now four major water reservoirs and several secondary ones created by Hariyali and all are filled up to the top giving the place very welcoming and inviting look.

You are assured of a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience inhaling fresh air and fragrance of many wild flowers and lush green Panorama to cool your eyes.

Buses will start from Bhagavati High School at 7.00 am on 7th August 2011. On the way there will be a break for a light breakfast on the way to Bhavale. The bus ride will be fun-filled with merrymaking activities.

On reaching the site, a trek will be organized to go up these hills, to enjoy the beautiful greenery and  have a look at the Khandeswari caves.

Saplings can be planted by those who want to do so and be closer to the Nature.

There will be games and fun and frolic before the Lunch and after short relaxation, we will board the buses back home little before 5 pm.

The charges are subsidized :  Rs. 230 for the member and his family member and Rs. 260 for the non-member.

One can directly drive in his car directly to Bhavale  and reach by 8=30 a.m., charges shall be only Rs. 130 per member and family member and Rs. 160 for non member for those coming by their vehicles.

Kindly contact following Hariyali members for participating.

1, Y B Bhide, 9819522706

2, Manish Patil,  9322596283

3, Govind Chavan, 9819128514

4, Deshbandhu, 9869023794

Thane, 14th July 2011 

Ajit Deshbandhu

Co-ordinator for the Tour 

” Meeting of prospective participants in Maha Beejaropan Abhiyan”



Dear Friends   


Sub: – (i) Maha Beejaropan Abhiyan 2010 and up-dation about   
other activities and events;  (ii) Informal meeting of the prospective participants on Sunday, 6th June   
at 4.00 p.m. at Bhagavati High School, Thane.    


Namaste, everybody!    

I believe, you are following the press reports about Hariyali’s several activities and the postings on its Web Site entitled <>, as also,  
One of the major activities that Hariyali intends to undertake is “MAHA BEEJAROPAN ABHIYAN” across National Highway No. 3, Thane to Dhule at the commencement of oncoming Monsoon with a wider base of peoples’ participation.  



1.Nature of the event and Location of the Activity:   

Sowing of assorted species of trees on the land that may be available on both sides of the newly widened National Highway No. 3, i.e, Mumbai-Agra Road on its 350 k.m. length from Thane-Shahapur-Kasara-Igatpuri-Nashik-Chandwad-Malegaon to Dhule with a special concentration on the forest land adjoining/near the Highway. As such, there would be special concentration of the activity at Laling near Dhule, Chandwad and Kasara-Shahpur section. Respective areas are marked on a map which would be posted on the Web Site shortly   

2. Period: Dhule-Malegaon Section: Friday, 25th June;   


                Chandwad-Igatpuri Section: Saturday, 26th June;   

                Kasara-Shahpur-Thane Section: Sunday, 27th June.   

                This activity would also be carried out MIDC, Ambad (Nashik) on Saturday, 26th June.  


3. Time: 08.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on the respective days at the respective places 

4. Co-ordnating Committees:   
Co-ordinating Committees have been constituted for the respective areas for successful implementation of the project. Following persons would act as Co-ordinators for Thane- Shahapur section: –  
Shri S.N. Patankar: 9322272777; Prin. L.S. Bhole: 25639911;  


Shri Satish Athalye: 9773287088; D.K. Sahasrabudhe: 9323891070.   

People wanting to participate in this event on this section are requested to contact any of them for additional info.   

5. Meeting of prospective participants: A meeting of members of Hariyali and all those who would like to participate in this event is convened for additional briefing on Sunday, 6thJune 2010 at 4.00 p.m. at Bhagavati High School, Vishnunagar, Naupada, Thane 400602. The project would be highlighted with a Power Point Presentation. A number of other events are also lined up for the entire monsoon and are posted on the Web Site. A P.P. Presentation will also be made a the forthcoming meeting on the “Changing Face of Bhavale”.   

All are requested to attend positively.   


Sincerely yours  
Thane, 1st June 2010  


Y.B. Bhide   

President, Hariyali