Felicitation of Hariyali by M C G M “T” Ward


Felicitation of Hariyali by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai  “T” Ward





Hariyali was felicitated by the Assistant Commissioner of ‘T’ ward, Mulund, Mumbai Municipal Corporation, on Saturaday, the 30th December, 2017. Hariyali was working with ‘T’ ward for the last three years generating awareness in solid waste management. Under the leadership of Mr.Suresh Patankar & Mr.satish Athalye , Hariyali also successfully implemented bio composting projects in more than 50 societies as well as MCGM “T” ward  gardens. This continuous effort is recognized by the Assistant Commissioner, ‘T ’ward, Mulund by giving momentum & certificate.


Mrs. Vibhavari Chande, Jt.Secy. Of Hariyali, Mulund, and Mrs.Geeta Potti, accepted the Award on behalf of Hariyali.


Some society members were concerned about the utilization of generated manure through compost units, Mrs. Vibhavari Chande guided them to utilize the organic manure in society gardens, nurseries, farm houses, or it could be donated to farmers or NGO’s like Hariyali who can utilize the manure effectively.


Marathon Galaxy society was also given ‘Award’ for successfully running bio composting unit. with the assistance of Hariyali Mulund Vibhag, Mrs. Geeta Potti, Member of Hariyali and also resident of the society accepted the ‘Award’ on behalf of Marathon Galaxy society. She advised the audience as to how to segregate the dry waste such as milk -bags, tetra- packs, e-waste etc.

Hariyali looks forward from MCGM for cooperation in New Year.

Hariyali’s Activity Calender for June & July 2017


Please find the Hariyali’s Plantation & Water Conservation at Rabale – Tetavli Project scheduled to be carried out in the month of June and July 2017. Please check the availability dates in the  Calender and book your slots as per your availability.

1. Hariyali’s Plantation & Water Conservation Calender for June -July 2017.

2. Instructions for the Participants.

3. Project Road Map – How to reach.

4. Project Road by Google Map.

बांदोडकर महाविद्यालय आणि हरियाली यांचे शून्य कचऱ्यासाठी अभियान


बांदोडकर महाविद्यालय आणि हरियाली यांचे शून्य कचऱ्यासाठी अभियान :.

पर्यावरण क्षेत्रात गेली २० वर्ष काम करत असलेली संस्था ‘ घन कचरा व्यवस्थापन ‘ ही काळाची गरज आणि नागरिकांची जबाबदारी या संवेदनशील विषयावर दि.१९/०३/२०१७ रोजी, अर्धा दिवसीय चर्चासत्र ठाणे येथील बांदोडकर सायन्स कॉलेजच्या सहयोगाने आयोजिले होते……..(अधिक माहितिकरिता शीर्षकावर क्लिक करा …. For more details on this article pl click on the Title)