(XIII/1 of 29th MARCH 2008)

Dear Friends

Sub: – New Year (Gudhi Padwa) Procession on Sunday, 6th April 2008

Namaste, everybody!

This is the First Communico that I am forwarding to you after the 11th AGM held on 16th December 2007. I am pleased to write to you as follows: –

  1. Re-election of the office Bearers: –

The Board of Trustees and the Managing Committee at the respective meetings re-elected the following persons to the respective posts to hold offices until the conclusion of the next Annual General meeting: –

President: Shri Punam Singavi

Vice Presidents: Shri A.G. Tilak; and Prin. Y.B. Bhide;

Hon. Secretary: Shri Vishal Singavi;

Treasurer: Shri J.D. Bahalkar;

Joint Secretary: Shri Satish Athalye; and

Internal Auditor: Shri Anil Bapat.

I congratulate the respective office-bearers for their election and assure all of you on behalf of all of them to continue to work with added zeal and enthusiasm during the ensuing year.

  1. Participation with a Float in the New Year (Gudhi Padwa) Procession in Thane on Sunday, 6th April 2008:

The New Year (Gudhi Padwa) procession prganized by the cultural organizations in Thane shall be taken out on Sunday, 6th April 2008 starting from Talao Pali (Masunda Lake) at 07.30 a.m. I am pleased to announce that Hariyali, jointly with the Thane Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India would be participating in this procession with a Float depicting a new concept of “ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE SHEET OF THANE”. All the Members are requested to participate in this procession, assembling Opp. Chintamani Jewellers exactly at 07.15 a.m. on Sunday, 6th April 2008.

  1. Other activities:

There would be regular treks and seed collection programmes on all Sundays during the months of April and May 2008. All such treks would be of a duration of about 4 Hrs. from 07.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and shall be open to all for participation. Those desirous of participating are requested to contact either the undersigned or any of the following persons on the respective Tel. Nos: –

Shri Nitin Khare: 25343895/9969355573;

Shri Ravi Kharat: 25408661/9892779239.

  1. Report on the Results of Seed Distribution and Sowing through Warkaris:

I am pleased to inform you that the undersigned along with four others had undertaken a visit during the period from 18th to 20th March 2008 to the places of distribution of seeds through Warkaris along the route of the Wari from Saswad-Jejuri-Walhe-Lonand to Phaltan to review the results of seed distribution and sowing over last three years. Observations made by the team during the visit are published through the newspapers and are also posted on the Web Site of the Organization entitled <hariyalithane.com> along with several other articles. You are requested to make it a habit to visit the site from time to time.

  1. Registration on Hariyali@yahoogroups.com:

Members are requested to communicate their email Ids and changes in the same, if any. They are also requested to register themselves on Hariyali@yahoogroups.com for easy communication.

Warmest regards and best wishes for a very happy Gudhi Padwa and New Indian Year (Shalivahan Shak 1930).

Sincerely yours

Thane, 29th March 2008

Punam Singavi

President, Hariyali

Hariyali – Schedule Of Events March – April 2008

1) Sun. March 23
Visit to Konkanipada Forest Bird Watching, Seed Collection & Nature Walk.
Assembling Point- Konkanipada, Forest Gate Near Tikuji NiWadi, Thane
Reporting Time & Duration – 07.30 a.m. upto 11.00 a.m.
Leader & Contact No. – Vaibhav Sathe 9819888093
Fees – Rs 20.

2) Sun. March 30
Visit to Munda Dongar Inspection of plantation, Nature walk & Seed Collection.
Assembling Point – Kaujpada Bus Stop, Ghodbunder Road
Reporting Time & Duration – 07.30 a.m. upto 11.00 a.m.
Leader & Contact No. – Pradeep Lothe 9821250725
Fees – Rs 20.

3) Sun. April 6
Participate in Gudhi Padwa New Year Procession with a Float
Assembling Point – Talao Pali, Opp. Chintamani Jewellers
Reporting Time & Duration – 07.00 a.m. upto 10.00 a.m.

4) Sun. April 13
Majiwada – Balkum Pipeline & Saddle Tunnel, Walk through mangroves.
Assembling Point – Dadlani Bus Stop, Balkum, Thane
Reporting Time & Duration – 07.30 a.m. upto 10.00 a.m.
Leader & Contact No. – Prin. Y.B. Bhide 9819522706
Fees – Rs 20.

5) Sun. April 20
Visit to I.I.T. Hills. Inspection of plantation, Nature Walk, I.I.T. Campus
Assembling Point – I.I.T. Main Gate, Powai
Reporting Time & Duration – 08.00 a.m. upto 12.00 noon
Leader & Contact No. – Madhukar Date – 9869825820
Fees – Rs 20.

6) Sun. April 27
Yeoor Forest, Nature Walk, Jamun & Karwand Pick up
Assembling Point – Patonepada Bus Stop, Yeoor
Reporting Time & Duration – 07.30 a.m. upto 12.00 noon
Leader & Contact No. – Vishal Singavi- 9820874087
Fees – Rs 20.

(1) Registration and payment of fees on the spot.
(2) All participants must come with drinking water bottle, one-time refreshment for self, cap on head, proper footware. Use of bright coloured clothes, perfumes, etc. should be avoided.
(3) There is no limit on age of participants. Event Nos. 2, 3, 5 & 6 would involve ascending jungle walk upto a height of about 600′ from M.S.L., through well-treaded paths.

Alternative contact for all the events: Ravindra Kharat 9829779239 25408661
All the participants to come at their own cost and risk.
Travel guidelines would be available from the respective Event Leaders/ Ravindra Kharat.

Thane, 9th March 2008
Punam Singavi (President, Hariyali)

Leader & Contact No. –

Assembling Point, self commutation, except No. 6