Accenture visits Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali Thane

Accenture Group, Happy with Hariyali

From IT Major Accenture, a group 60 strong paid a visit to Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali on 27th March, 2010.

This was their first visit to Hariyali Nursery.

It was a group of highly energetic people, and they showed a definite commitment to their responsibilities towards Environment.

Shree Madhukar Date narrated the objectives of Hariyali.

100% commitment from the young one!

They were explained the working of Sapling making, reasons for transferring them to Green House, transferring them to larger Polybags, acclimatization of the saplings to natural surroundings and then transplanting them at their permanent site in the barren hills of Bhavale.

They sowed 325 seeds mainly of Beheda, transferred 310  Sagargota saplings from smaller bags to larger bags and shifted from shade to sun 154 grown up saplings , including 59 saplings transferred to the larger polythene bags (weighing about 6 kgs each)

The 2 hour work ended by 12 noon.

On the whole, the group did excellent work. Even the four kiddies who accompanied the group did there bit with 100 % commitment!

We feel that they are hooked to plantation activity! The Group leader had our calendar of activities and the Group members expressed strong desire to participate in our future activities 

Hariyali Takes out a Chitra Rath Yatra on Gudhi Padawa

Hariyali Chitra Rath, moving along the road as colourful as the rathOn the day of Gudhi Padwa, a Chitra Rath yatra was organnised by Kopineshwar Sanskritic Sansthan, Thane. The Yatra went round the main roads of Thane and the was cheered by the on-lookers who had gathered on the road sides. The atmosphere was charged with festivity and energy.

Hariyali prepared the Chitra Rath with Posters displaying their message of  Water Conservation and planting of trees.

Hariyali organized a workshop on Balcony Garden.

Mrs. Temghare


All very attentive to what is said by Mrs. Temghare


Many Beautiful Plants on a Single Brick



Mrs Aditi Date, one of Hariyali’s very active members organized a workshop at our Kasar Vadavali Nursery on 21st March 2010.    



Mrs. Temghare a very   well-known Horticulturist was invited to give a talk and also hold a Demo on  how one can create beautiful Green Corner in ones’  apartment.    

She showed variety of plants suitable for indoor cultivation and how with very simple methods these can be looked after and also decorate the apartment.    

She also showed how one can make manure from discarded parts of vegetables and at the same time grow vegetables in ones balcony!    

The most interesting and eyecatching Demo was growing almost 6 to 7 small plants on only a common brick by creating a small cavity in the brick and putting small quantity of soil and manure in it.    

The workshop was well attended by members as well as persons from nearby housing societies.

Gudhi Padwa Chitra Rath Yatra






Namaste, everybody!


            This communication comes to you with the best wishes for a Happy Gudhi Padwa and New Year!

You will be happy to know that we, the Members of Hariyali would be participating in the New Year (Gudhi Padwa) Procession in Thane on Tuesday, 16th March 2010 with a Float depicting the activities of and environmental issues which are being addressed to by Hariyali.

            The Procession will begin at 07.00 a.m. from the Kopineshwar Mandir and would follow the usual route of Talao Pali – Dr. Ambedkar Road – L.B.S. Marg – Hari Niwas Circle –  M.G. Road – Gokhle Road – Ram Maruti Road and back to Talao Pali. The Procession is expected to terminate by 10.00 a.m.

Members of the Managing Committee and the Board of Trustees of Hariyali are pleased to invite you to participate in the said Procession, assembling at Talao Pali, Opp. Chintamani Jewellers by 07.00 a.m. You may also join the Procession at any point across the route as per your convenience, if it be not possible for you to join it at the starting point. Please join with the members of your family and friends.

Thane, 12th March 2010

Y.B. Bhide, President, Hariyali