FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

“For a change Hariyali receives seeds!” 
All these years Hariyali has been distributing seeds amongst people for sowing and making saplings. However, having felt motivated by this simple but very useful activity, many nature-lovers have started collecting, preserving and handing those over to Hariyali for growing saplings and distributing the same amongst potential tree-growers. Volunteers from “Jaanata Raja” an NGO from Mankhurd, Mumbai handed over about five kgs of seeds of Bahava and Tamrin collected by them to Shri Y.B. Bhide, President of Hariyali in the presence of other activists of Hariyali. 
Hariyali, for a change, receives seeds



Shramdan at enchanting Bhavale-Lonad Forest Development Project of Hariyali 
More than 350 volunteers from industrial sector and Hariyali participated in the tree-plantation and water conservation activities at Bhavale-Lonad project, which is shaping up exceedingly well.    

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