Upcoming events


Sapling making Activity at Murar Road Nursery :

MCC College students are coming to Murar road nursery on Saturday, 29th April 2017 for sapling making activity.

Time :- 7.30am to 9.30am

Hariyali coordinator will be Mrs.Jyoti Prajapati
Those who want to join do inform.

Seed Collection trek From Kokanipada to Yeoor :

Trek with seeds collection is organised by Hariyali from Kokanipada to Yeoor, near Tikuji ni wadi,Thane on Sunday, 30th April 2017.
Meeting point : Koknipada gate at 6.30 am. We will be back by 10.30 am. Participants should carry 2 liters water bottle, 2 snacks for self,cap,plastic bag to collect the seeds, a stick with them.Entry fee at Koknipada is Rs 30/- per person. Those who want to join do inform.

बांदोडकर महाविद्यालय आणि हरियाली यांचे शून्य कचऱ्यासाठी अभियान


बांदोडकर महाविद्यालय आणि हरियाली यांचे शून्य कचऱ्यासाठी अभियान :.

पर्यावरण क्षेत्रात गेली २० वर्ष काम करत असलेली संस्था ‘ घन कचरा व्यवस्थापन ‘ ही काळाची गरज आणि नागरिकांची जबाबदारी या संवेदनशील विषयावर दि.१९/०३/२०१७ रोजी, अर्धा दिवसीय चर्चासत्र ठाणे येथील बांदोडकर सायन्स कॉलेजच्या सहयोगाने आयोजिले होते……..(अधिक माहितिकरिता शीर्षकावर क्लिक करा …. For more details on this article pl click on the Title)

Upcoming Seed Collection Treak


Hello everyone,
A beautiful seeds collection trek has been arranged by Hariyali under the guidance of Pradip Lothe sir and team at Munda Dongar,Thane
along with mind soothing meditation session by Jayant Wad Sir and Jyoti Wad ma’am on 8th April 2017, Saturday.

6.00 am Start from Mulund
6.30 am reaching at Cocacola depot , Ghodbandar road, Thane
6.45 am Start trek
7.15 am Start meditation
8.15 am seeds collection followed by downward trek
9.00 am complete trek with sweet memories and start return journey.

Things to carry: Water bottle, snacks, cap, Aasan (tiny mat)for meditation, small carry bag to collect the seeds.

Do confirm your participation as soon as possible in order to arrange bus transportation(Rs 200/-per person bus charges)
You can come by your own vehicle also.

Do mention if you wish to come by bus along with your names.