Honey Bee Keeping workshop



Workshop on “Honey Bee Keeping” was organised by Hariyali on 17th February 2018 at  our Rabale-Tetavali site. Mr. Sanjay Patil from Maharashtra Khadi & Village Industry Board conducted this workshop for about 2 hrs in the morning from 9.30 am to 11.30 am. at the Tetavli plantation site.Total 35 participants including 24 members of Hariyali and 9 students and 2 teachers from Zoology section of Ruparel College attended this workshop.Workshop started with introduction of Mr. Sanjay Patil by Mr. Salaskar, followed by brief introduction about Hariyali activities by Dr. Neelima Kulkarni and Mr. Satish Athlye and then workshop started with demonstration using honey bee box kept at the site. Mr. Sanjay Patil explained various aspects such as types of honey bees, construction details of the box,taking care of box and bees, plantation useful for increasing population of honey bees, life cycle of queen, worker, and drone bees, the way these bees work, etc. Demonstration was followed by interactive session where importance of bee keeping, use of various by products such as royal jelly, bees wax, honey, technique of removing honey without destroying the colony or bees were discussed. This interactive session was very informative. At the end of workshop vote of thanks was proposed by Project coordinator of Tetavli plantation Mr. Gondhale.

It was decided to keep two boxes permanently at our Tetavali site and with the help of Mr. Sanjay Patil Hariyali will support bee keeping activity. and study their changes,(Report by Mrs Neela Salaskar)


Capacity development program in environment management


Dr.Mrs Neelima Kulkarni chairman of Hariyali Mulund Vibhag presented case study , SWM project of Hariyali , Under the Integrated solid waste management. Seminar organised by Somaiya College in collaboration with Mumbai Metropolitan region environment improvement society. Dated 11th January 2018

Participation by Some citizens, students of environmental science, representatives of TMC, BMC.  Hariyali. About 30 participates were there

it was a module of a course – by mumbai metropolitan region environment improvement society –

Capacity development program in environment management.

It was about unique collaboration of MCGM and an NGO,Hariyali.& funder Vyakti VikasKendra India

(Report by Dr Mrs. Neelima Kulkarni )