It is time to ponder and then move yonder


(XVI-4 of 3rd November 2011)


 Dear members and patron friends of Hariyali,

1 .Your love, involvement, support, concern and care have seen Hariyali go from strength to strength. It is now a 15 year old organization.

Afforestation, water conservation, river parikramas, wild life census, massive involvement of school and college students and teachers, corporates and citizens including senior citizens, nature treks , environment awareness   campaigns , have all been possible  because of this people’s participation and support.

A large number of awards and recognition received for Hariyali’s work and by Hariyali’s Founder President Shri Punam Singavi speak significantly about society’s approval of our activities.  Large number of donations and contributions received also stand as a testimony of Hariyali’s good work.


2. Now is the time to take stock of the situation, do our SWOT analysis objectively and chart out our future journey together

. Should we continue with the same activities and in the same way?

Or we need devise new strategies to achieve our objectives?


New opportunities and new responsibilities are coming our way.

And people’s expectations from us are rising.

The task of environment protection and promotion is huge.

How should we be equal to the task?

Where and how do we find the resources – physical, financial, human?

What about new leaders and organizers?


We are, therefore, inviting our members, participating organizers, donors and well- wishers  for a one-day  symposium to discuss and debate these issues and help us all in  deciding our future,

Details of the one day symposium are being sent to you and we earnestly request you to be a part of this exercise.

Please bring all your creative energies, professional experience and competence and your determination to do good to the humanity to this discussion and debate at the symposium on 4th of December 2011


3. In our earlier communications we have indicated about the good work being done  in our two nurseries at Mulund and Kasar-Vadavali. Both the nurseries gave excellent support to our tree planting activities at our Lonad – Bhavale site and they are being readied for a much bigger effort in the days to come.

We request you to visit both these nurseries and Lonad – Bhavale site to see for yourself what is happening there

Please visit these sites with your family and friends and enjoy doing some Shramdan together.

Programme of activities is regularly put on our website



4. After a very successful exhibition of medicinal plants at Mulund last year, an exhibition of medicinal plants on a much larger scale is being organized at Mulund on 25th, 26th and 27th of November in association with BMC.

Please be a part of this venture.


5. Our administrative office at the Dadoji Konddeo Stadium is currently undergoing renovation and should be available for use in about a month’s time. Our thanks are due to Shri Shashi Deshmukh and his daughter Ms. Shilpa Rajwade, well known architects and interior decorators from Thane under whose guidance and supervision this work is being carried out.


6. At this stage, we request you to

Join vigorously and actively in Hariyali’s activities.

Donate generously to Hariyali to enable it to do more.

Make more members including your family members.

If you are an Activity Member, upgrade your membership to Life membership.

Visit Hariyali’s office at Dadoji Konddeo Stadium on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Visit our website regularly and participate in Hariyali’s events and activities


7. We, therefore, look forward to meet more often and accomplish a lot more with more friends and well wishers like you.


Wish you and your family all the very best in the year ahead.




Y. B. Bhide

President, Hariyali

Thane, 3rd November 2011


One thought on “It is time to ponder and then move yonder

  1. Very good step taken very thoughtfully.
    This shows the maturity of the organisation and so also commitment to the cause and also the responsibility towards the society at large

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