Here are few photos of “Looking Back–Looking Forward” Symposium

Hariyali and B N Bandodkar College of Thane organised a very successful Symposium on 4rth of December at PANINI Auditorium of Thane College.

It was organised on 4rth of December and all who participated were very happy to learn about the achievements of the past 15 years and were very enthusiastic to participate for the Hariyali’s mission ahead.

6 thoughts on “Here are few photos of “Looking Back–Looking Forward” Symposium

  1. Through this symposium, Hariyali is taking views of the working volunteers and well-wishers, Such collective views Creates more confidance in Hariyali which is real democratic way of working of any NGO. .

  2. A remarkable event to take stockof work done and to chart the future paths. Congratulations.Sorry, Imissed the symposium. Wisdom trough
    experiences, discussions, experts’ counsel and above all synergy to work
    more are some of the benefits are the fruits of such a symposium.

  3. Bhole Saheb.

    Your mail gives us lot of inspiration and energy.

    We all missed you!


  4. Dear Hariyali,

    While going through the update about the Symposium I had some ideas…

    Sharing them for us to explore…

    Why don’t we try involving school students as well in the projects of Hariyali?

    We can design some modules related to nature/environment clubs which can be implemented in the school premises or immediate neighborhood.

    Lets work on this

    Best wishes,
    Kanan Jagasheth

  5. Kanan Jagasheth,
    Good Idea of designing some modules related to nature/environment clubs to involve school \college students ….

    Let us work on this.

    Usha Apte.

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