Most invitation cards for attending social functions like wedding, thread ceremony, anniversaries, etc, in our society these days include a request “No presents or bouquets, please”. However, pressures from friends and relatives makes it difficult for the host, as also, the invitees to adhere to this desire strictly.

However, it is said that if there is a will, there is a way out! So did Mrs. Vineeta and Sushilkumar Hate on one hand and Mrs. Vandana and Pramod Kelkar families from Vile Parle of Mumbai found out a novel way to win over this difficulty during the recently held wedding of their son Chi. Ameya and daughter Ku. Aditi, respectively. The youngsters, too, concurred with them without any hesitation. Their invitation for attending the wedding included the following appeal.

“Considering the changing social scenario, we request you not to bring any present or bouquet. Instead, we have invited a social organization, working for a noble cause, whose representatives will be present at the venue. We request you to give your voluntary contributions to them.”

            The respective families had heard about the constructive work that Hariyali has been doing in the field of afforestation, water conservation and generation of environmental awareness. They came across an appeal from the organization to keep a donation box at such functions and other social events like Ganeshotsav, Navratri, etc. They at once contacted Ms Usha Apte, an active volunteer from Hariyali and arranged for a counter at the wedding place to collect such voluntary donations. The stall, which was manned by a team of other volunteers from Hariyali included M/s Vasant Bondale, Dattatray Khandekar, Jagannath Bahalkar and Manish Patil did a marvelous job of communicating the mission of Hariyali to the invitees. This resulted in an addition of about Rs. 24,000/- (Rs. Twenty four thousands only) to the corpus of the organization to be used in pursuance of its objectives!

The very commendable example set by Hates and Kelkars needs to be emulated by many more families and social service organizations to bring about true reforms in the society and progress of the country.


Thane, 19th December 2011

Punam Singavi

Founder President, Hariyali


  1. श्री सुशीलकुमार आणि सौ विनिता हाटे ,
    आपण आणि आपल्या कुटुंबातील सर्वांचे अभिनंदन.
    ‘ हरियाली दानपेटी ‘ बाबत घेतलेल्या निर्णयाबद्दल आभार.
    मी एक हरियालीचा सभासद आणि हरियालीचा विश्वस्त म्हणुन आपले स्वागत करतो आणि हार्दिक अभिनंदन करतो .
    समाजात आपण एक नवा पायंडा घातला आहे.
    सध्याच्या सामाजिक वातावरणात आपण घेतलेला निर्णय पथदर्शी ठरेल .
    नवविवाहितांचे अभिनंदन आणि त्यांना शुभेच्छा
    पुनश्च आभार आणि अभिनंदन .
    आपल्याला उत्तम आरोग्य आणि सुखकर आयुष्य लाभो अशी सदिच्छा व्यक्त करतो.
    अच्युत ओक
    २० डिसेम्बर, २०११ .

  2. This act of Mrs Vineeta and Mr. Sushilkumar Hate was really very noble and yet a very innovative..
    Kudos to them…

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