12 thoughts on “Exhibition of Medicinal Plants at Thane

  1. I am very interested in medicinal plants as it is a natural cure for many ailments.Is there any way i can buy and grow at my place.

  2. Dear Sunitaji.

    Your interests in Medicinal plants encourage us.

    For various queries you have, Kindly contact Shree Satish Athale on 9820832240.

    You can as well give ring to 9869023794!

  3. Dear Sunitaji,

    We have a plan wherein you can adopt a medicinal plant, nurture it and develope more plants from it.

    Please get in touch wit us on 9869023794

    Kindly join our Chitra Rath Yatra on 23rd March in Thane.

  4. Dear Adheeshji,

    There is a book detailing all the plants with photographs etc.

    Kindly get in touch with Satish Athale 9820832240

    Do join Hariyali Yahoogroups

    Do visit http://www.hariyalithane.com

    I am sending you an invitation to join Hariyali group. Please accept.

    You will get all the communications


  5. Shree Oswalji,

    Kindly call us up on 9869023794.

    Regret we took auwfully long time to replay


  6. please let me know about some useful medicinal plants which can be grown at home.i eat tulsi leaves frequently.i need such plants.

  7. Kindly call on us on any Monday between 6 and 7=30 at our office at Dadoji Konddeo Stadium, Thane west.

    We will certainly like to help you on this


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