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‘Hariyali’ has been active in the field of environmental protection work over last about sixteen years. Its thrust areas have been constructive work in the field of afforestation and tree plantation, water harvesting and conservation and generating environmental awareness. These three things inter alia cover a lot many other things, such as, solid waste management and recycling of waste material, wild life protection and census, lake-cleaning, etc. The emphasis has been mainly on working through ‘Shramdan’ and securing voluntary participation of people from various walks of life. Major strength of the work force has been students of all age-groups through N.S.S., Nature Clubs, etc, people from corporate sector through their CSR teams, senior citizens, nature-lovers, other socially conscious citizens and social service organizations, like, Rotaries, Lions, Giants, through their various wings, mahila mandals, etc. It has to its credit several innovative projects of reaching to masses, such as, conducting river parikramas, distribution and sowing of seeds through ‘warkaris’, sowing of seeds across highways, etc. So has it invented several methods of using waste material, such empty milk bags, plastic bottles, soiled and discarded carpets, etc, in its various projects. Its expenses are met out of membership fees, voluntary donations from cross-sections of the society, printing of activity-based calendars, and use of donation boxes during festival seasons and other family functions, etc.

Plantation and water conservation work has been carried out at several sites in and around Thane, Mumbai and surrounding region, mainly on denuded forestland and other public places, such as pipelines, parks, catchment areas of dams, etc.

The organization has been assessing the impact of its work on such sites and society in general, internally and through research students, professors, etc, from time to time. Papers on such research have also been published by several of its members at various seminars, conferences, journals, etc, at national, as also, international level with appreciation from various quarters.

The organization now intends to get done such an impact assessment on comprehensive basis from independent and expert individuals/organizations working either in professional or voluntary capacities from the field of botany, zoology and social sciences.


The work may involve following among other things: –

  1. Visit/s to respective plantation sites;

  2. Counting the number of trees, assess their growth pattern, commercial evaluation, etc.

  3. Undertake soil-testing, ascertain groundwater level, quantum of rainwater harvested annually, etc;

  4. List out the species of flora and fauna at each of the sites;

  5. Interview a number of persons from amongst members of Hariyali, participating organizations, students, local habitats, etc.

  6. Do extensive photography and mapping of the sites;

  7. Assess the relevance of the activities vis a vis objectives of the organizations and their impact on the various stakeholders.

  8. Make recommendations, suggestions for future course of action and so on.


Feed back in the following form may be available with the organization: –

  1. Info about the sites where work has been done in the past and at present;

  2. Approximate number and species of trees planted, check dams constructed, water bodies developed, etc;

  3. Period over which the work has been carried out or the activities conducted;

  4. Info about the participating organizations at each of such sites;

  5. Photographs of the work, activities and sites taken from time to time;

  6. Articles, press notes, papers published on the work over the years;

  7. Volunteers for visiting the respective sites, etc.

Researches, professionals in the field and such other individuals who may interested in doing this type of innovative work are willing to forward their consent and info about them in the attached format.

Thane, 11th October 2012


Please fill up the form below if you would like to provide your services for this endeavour.

2 thoughts on “Impact Assesment

  1. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I member of Haryali from Mulund-East ITI .This branch of Haryali willl be getting shifted soon as due to ITI principal Order.
    Please ,i Request you to talk with ITI principal of Mulund-East branch that let Haryali be remain here only.We members of here are all feeling very Sad due to this news.
    I hope you may take some actions.
    Your Respectively.
    Deepak Ahirwar

  2. Please notify me about your activities, tours, trails, plantation drives etc. in the next future.

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