Plant a tree campaign – Do your bit to save the earth

 An Invitation and a Challenge

At last, the jury is in. The verdict is out. And the verdict of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is: Yes, the earth has fever, high fever. We, the sons and daughters of Mother Earth have given her the fever. The fever is rising alarmingly. Worse, unless we control the fever within the next 15 years, it will be too late. Life on earth will then begin to trundle down towards destruction and death, towards complete extinction.

With this threat looming over us, are we going to just keep looking at the thermometer and shaking our heads in desperation? Or are we going to throw ourselves into purposeful action and pull life on earth out of the jaws of death?

Who is going to give the earth the right medication? Us or, as usual, somebody else?

You may well say: No, I don’t want to be just a passive, indifferent onlooker of this catastrophe. But what can I do, all alone, all by myself? The catastrophe is too big for me and all too daunting.

Look! The answer is very simple. You can do just a small thing that would bring big results. Plant trees. That is all.

Plant trees? But plant them where? Who is going to dig the pits? And who is going to provide the saplings? And, in any case, who has got the time for all this?

Well, valid questions all these! But there is a simple two-step answer:

  1. Just preserve the saplings that grow naturally in and around your housing colony. Better still and yet very simple, grow a few saplings directly from seeds, in the space available on the premises of your housing colony and /or in flower pots in your flats. If you work at this collectively as a housing colony or a concerned neighbourhood, all the better and all the more pleasurable!
  1. In July, moisten the soil around the saplings, gently ease out these saplings from the ground – or flower pots – making sure their roots remain in tact and then wrap their roots with moist earth carefully so that the roots don’t remain bare. Then spread a wet gunny bag or sack on the floor, place these plants upright in it and then tie up the sack.

Your job is done. You have already made contribution to reduce global warming.

At this point, ‘Hariyali’ will collect these saplings from your doorstep and will plant them in the environs of Thane. Pretty soon, your tiny saplings, some which you would have even weeded out, would grow into trees and cool and heal the earth.

You might well ask: Who or what is Hariyali?

Well, attached alongside is a brochure on Hariyali and a few press-cuttings about it. In a nutshell, Hariyali is an action-oriented voluntary organization working for the cause of environmental protection and enhancement. Its current focus is on three areas: large-scale afforestation, water conservation and creation of environmental awareness.

Some of its more notable activities have been as follows:

  • Conversion of abandoned stone quarries into water bodies.
  • Distribution of a wide variety of tree seeds, on a massive scale, to the pilgrims (the varkaris) on their way to the Vithoba shrine at Pandharpur.  The idea is for the varkaris to plant these seeds along their route, on either side, as they walk their way to Pandharpur. Some of the seeds so distributed were acquired for free while a majority of them were bought from Adivasis. Over the last three years Hariyali has distributed seeds worth over 3 lakh rupees to the varkaris.
  • Over the last ten years Hariyali has managed to rope in the services of 20,000 volunteers, covering the whole gamut from students through working folks and housewives to senior citizens. Shramdan – or the gift of work – is what Hariyali primarily expects from volunteers.

So, that is Hariyali!

The selfsame Hariyali will collect from your housing colony the saplings that you would have so lovingly grown and plant them so that they grow into trees and, ultimately, woods and forests.

Well, let us ask you something here. By any chance, are you troubled that this contribution of yours would be too trivial? Not at all! Look at the figures below:

  • One fully grown tree produces oxygen worth 5.5 lakh rupees in fifty years
  • It removes air-pollution worth around 10.5 lakh rupees
  • It adds 6.5 lakh rupees worth of nutrients to the soil, besides checking soil erosion
  • What it gives in terms of fruit, timber, shelter to birds and insects and shade is quite apart from the above.

Thus, when one sapling of yours grows into a tree, you contribute 22 lakhs rupees to the cause of environmental health. If through one tree you contribute so much, just imagine what a huge fortune you would bequeath to your children and grandchildren through the scores of saplings you would give to Hariyali in 2008 ! And that would be the value of just one year’s work of yours!

Another point. In many housing societies, there are compost pits. If your colony has one, April onwards, just go on dropping into this pit the seeds of mangoes that you eat.  Drop them well spread out. Without any effort, most of these seeds would put forth saplings – about a foot or a foot and half high – by about the third week of July 2008. That’s the time to pack them for Hariyali to collect. Depending on the state of rains, Hariyali would tell you exactly when you should get the saplings ready for collection.

Hariyali would collect from you other saplings too at the same time. The mango saplings, being grown-up enough, will be planted right away. The others, the ‘toddlers’ will be first grown to larger size in plastic bags and planted during the next monsoons.

There is another way you can shoot your personal arrow at the demon of global warming. Collect seeds of trees wherever you find them, maybe while walking in a park or while on a trek or perhaps under that lone tree outside your office. Then dry these seeds in shade, if you will and then preserve them in wood ash or neem leaves. Hariyali will collect these seeds from you too.

Now, a slightly delicate matter.

Say, you are an average driver of a car. This means you drive your average car over a distance of about 12000 kilometers a year. To mop up the carbon dioxide emitted by your car in a year it would take 500 fully grown trees one year’s hard work. Yes, 500 trees, not 50 trees. There is no typographic error!

So whatever you would do for the cause of tree plantation would not be just an altruistic social contribution but a small step towards ridding Mother Earth of pollution that you personally have unconsciously perpetrated.

Well then, are you ready to commit yourself to this small – but very big – task?


Here are some of the consequences of global warming that the scientific community has predicted:

  • Increase in sea-level leading to large tracts of seashore and several coastal cities – including large parts of Aamchi Mumbai – going under water
  • Bizarre and unpredictable changes in climate (Isn’t the current winter in Mumbai a foretaste of this?)
  • Ecosystem shifts and dying off of several species of plant and animals
  • Terrible droughts at some places and heavy rains and flooding at others
  • Desertification of several currently fertile lands
  • Deadly heat waves and greater incidence of fierce hurricanes
  • Major increase in insect-borne diseases such as dengue, encephalitis and elephantiasis
  • Shrinkage in biodiversity

    Nerual, Navi Mumbai

    28th December 2007

    Col. Ravi & Mrs. Vaijayanti Joshi

    Hariyali Writers Cell

31 thoughts on “Plant a tree campaign – Do your bit to save the earth

  1. Hi! I agree this is a worthwhile cause. Are there options where one can help plant trees in Thane directly? Make a monetary/physical contribution?

  2. Yesterday i.e 11.6.06 at jogeshwari east near Dear Bank some humans were illegal cutting/chopping trees this act was committed and supported by the BMC stating that they do not require permission for cutting trees and they themselves are the law maker and they also have legal authority to destory trees by cutting it without seeking permission from the tree authority department. When requested and/or for permission they deny to produce the same and within a second they chopped tgree into small piece they have committing murder by shedding blood from innocent tree at around 12.00 mid night.

  3. Hi.
    I need inf regarding any ngo or organization providing free seeds for plantation.
    We hv a gr of ppl who go for trekking in sahyadri region every weekend in monsoon.
    so u can use this seed for plantation.

    If any 1 hving inf pls pass.



  4. To all Tree lovers,

    I would love to be a part of any NGO that goes around planting trees, I live in LIC borivali and we do our bit by planting a few trees every monsoon but it i not enough and would love if like minded people get toghether and increase the number of trees that can be planted every monsoon. I usually collect rain tree saplings in and around our colony and let it grow every year till they are about 6-10 feet before they are planted. I can donate these sapling to Haryali too. People lets get toghther and preserve our wonderful planet.


  5. Hello Deven,
    I live in Ghatkopar and a few of us have spotted some land where we can plant a few shrubs and not too tall trees. It would be nice if you can recommend a few varieties that are stable and also, where can we get good saplings.

  6. Hello,

    I would like to involve my team to perform tree saplings plantation activity in Thane. I would like your help to organize this for us.

    Please contact me immediately.

    Thanks & regards, Shivkumar Samant

  7. HI, THis is Shradha. I m working as web designer in ASUS technology Pvt. Ltd.

    We want to run this kind of campaign for our company. Would you like to support us in th same matter.
    Please send your Contact details Name, Mob. No, Email ID & Address on my given Email ID.

  8. hello,
    there is an ngo called STEDOD ,in which we are trying to save the earth and so require a venue near mumbai where we can take a bunch of people and plant trees we require this info cause as you know there are basically no places in mumbai where one can plant trees.
    in case you have the info or even wish to help us or want to know something or have any thing to say or do that concerns with the earths
    ps: you can contact us at
    or check out our blog which is

  9. Hi

    I Would like to associate this to our company.
    Would be interested to have talks with someone for this.

  10. Hi ,
    We are a group of psychics( astrologers,tarot readers etc) and we have started a “Go Green Campaign” in Mumbai.
    People or organization who would like to help us in this initiative can contact us on

    We are starting at the beginning of monsoon so treat this important.

  11. Respected all,
    Iam hereby informing you all that in my society there is ample parking available under stilt yet to meet the greed of rich MBA qualified secretary and doctor chair person to please the so called rich members have murdered and removed from root more than 100 of small plants and three bif 5-6 year old coconut trees in Housing society at Abhishek CHS ltd. G.D. Ambekar marg, Dadar naigaon Mumbai 400014. earliar also they cut one big 20 year old big tree for which complint was lodged by me with BMC but they wind up the file without recording my statement.This time I have not compained because I feel death threat from the comitte members in the society.If you can help please do so.

  12. It is our practice to plant more trees, many more so that inspite of few people cutting trees we will have 100 times more trees with the same energy with which we oppose some one cutting trees

    Do join us and let us plant more trees and save the fight!

    Ajit Deshbandhu

  13. To, Ajit Deshbandhu,
    sorry i do not agree you cannot allow one to murder human being and tell others to produce childrens. Your theory looks good only on paper but in reality two family ( majority of people ) members even cannot seat and share their issues.

  14. I need urgent help to save a mango tree ( almost 15 years old) from being cut by one unreasonable society member at Vashi. Shall be grateful to know if qualified horticulturist can certify that the tree is safe for the residents. As per most members of society, the tree is extremely healthy and is is giving very nice mango fruits even this year. Please contact me on my mobile 9004346525 if anyone can help us save this tree from being killed. Also I would love to be associcated with Hariyali in the afforestation drive in whatever forms possible

    thanks / Sudhir

  15. Hi there,

    As an office we are having “Plant a Tree Day’. Can sumone help with this please.

  16. Hi,

    I had sent a couple of emails to your published email id but haven’t got any response.

    I will like to be a part of this drive and want to know how these saplings can be sent to Hariyali.

    Expecting a prompt response.

  17. call me if u want to establish theme-based garden 09425605432 sumit, Green innovation consultant

  18. We have a garden and enough of space, but want to know where we can get free seeds and plant sapplings. We stay in vidyavihar east.

  19. @ Nimisha Barde Please contact me …i will give u free seeds

  20. hariyali – will like to contact you we have office at thane if you see our contact us menu you will find on 9869184995 to Mr.Apte

  21. Tree Plantation campaigning ke sath judna chahata hu, maan me bahot kuch karne ke bhav hai, krupaya margadarshan kare. I am ready by physically, mentally and financially.

  22. Hi Vijayji

    Hariayli is interested to have people like can join the activity. pl. write to or you can visit our office with prior appointment.

    S P Apte
    Hariyali secretary

  23. i want to be a part of saving earth by planting trees and taking care of the ones which are old but are going to die because of public illtreatment.

  24. I have a pipal sapling. Can I plant it at your chosen environ in Thane around June or so? Thanks you.

  25. i want to plant the seeds on our nearby forest where the trees,plant ,shrubs are decreasing day by dat should i get the seeds for germinating them in forest lands suitable.

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