Hariyali organized a workshop on Balcony Garden.

Mrs. Temghare


All very attentive to what is said by Mrs. Temghare


Many Beautiful Plants on a Single Brick



Mrs Aditi Date, one of Hariyali’s very active members organized a workshop at our Kasar Vadavali Nursery on 21st March 2010.    



Mrs. Temghare a very   well-known Horticulturist was invited to give a talk and also hold a Demo on  how one can create beautiful Green Corner in ones’  apartment.    

She showed variety of plants suitable for indoor cultivation and how with very simple methods these can be looked after and also decorate the apartment.    

She also showed how one can make manure from discarded parts of vegetables and at the same time grow vegetables in ones balcony!    

The most interesting and eyecatching Demo was growing almost 6 to 7 small plants on only a common brick by creating a small cavity in the brick and putting small quantity of soil and manure in it.    

The workshop was well attended by members as well as persons from nearby housing societies.

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