Development of manmade forest at “Tetavli – Rabale” Navi Mumbai By Hariyali – Mulund

As per the efforts of Forest Department to increase forest coverage ,the department of forest of Maharashtra are implementing policy of development of manmade forest, The Hariyal NGO as you are aware ,has successfully implemented the tree plantation programs in forest areas since 1996.The Hariyali has initially developed the forest area at Yeor, Sanjay Gandhi udyan with the permissions from forest department .Thereafter in the period of 2007-2015 Hariyali created manmade forest at Bhavale near Bhivandi this was done by executing tripartite agreement with forest department and Hariyal. We are pleased to inform that during above period 40000 trees with Avg. Height of 8-15 ft. Have been developed with the help of Corporate Volunteers, College students, NSS students, school students, and individuals by providing financial support to some extent ,at Bhavale water conservation method was adopted, this has changed totally the look of the area by “converting Barren” land in to “Thick Forest” .The area has been handed over to forest department in November 2015.
Looking to the efforts & sincerity by Hariyali, Forest department has now approved new site as described in above subject.
We hereby enclose photos of proposed project at Tetavli-Rabale. The project contemplate more systematic method by converting barren land into diversified ecologically balanced forest, the Hariyali has also decided to convert the area for citizens to enjoy nature trail so that the spot can be identified as one of the recreation area by Forest Department in Navi Mumbai. Similar to Sanjay Gandhi Udyan, we are aware your company is eager to take part in environment upgradation as social commitment, 
Please feel free to call us for discussion in regards to your involvement of the project.

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