Accenture visits Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali Thane

Accenture Group, Happy with Hariyali

From IT Major Accenture, a group 60 strong paid a visit to Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali on 27th March, 2010.

This was their first visit to Hariyali Nursery.

It was a group of highly energetic people, and they showed a definite commitment to their responsibilities towards Environment.

Shree Madhukar Date narrated the objectives of Hariyali.

100% commitment from the young one!

They were explained the working of Sapling making, reasons for transferring them to Green House, transferring them to larger Polybags, acclimatization of the saplings to natural surroundings and then transplanting them at their permanent site in the barren hills of Bhavale.

They sowed 325 seeds mainly of Beheda, transferred 310  Sagargota saplings from smaller bags to larger bags and shifted from shade to sun 154 grown up saplings , including 59 saplings transferred to the larger polythene bags (weighing about 6 kgs each)

The 2 hour work ended by 12 noon.

On the whole, the group did excellent work. Even the four kiddies who accompanied the group did there bit with 100 % commitment!

We feel that they are hooked to plantation activity! The Group leader had our calendar of activities and the Group members expressed strong desire to participate in our future activities 

6 thoughts on “Accenture visits Hariyali Nursery at Kasar Vadavali Thane

  1. Hi,

    I am an employee of accenture and I had participated in this event.
    I enjoyed throughout and was while leaving, was left with a sense of satisfaction of having done my little bit towards Mother Earth.

    “Hariyali” is doing a great job. Please keep up the good work. Thanking you people on behalf of everyone who breathes on this planet!

    I will surely participate in such events in the future.

    Harish M

  2. Hey ,

    I too enjoyed every bit of it, from sowing seeds , to moving plants to a 2bhk !

  3. Hi All,

    I am the Group Leader mentioned in the last paragraph of the article.

    We truly appreciate the Hariyali Thane organisation for doing such great work for our Planet.

    We feel privileged to have contributed to the cause.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the event and will certainly plan more visits to Hariyali Thane.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sheily Jain.

  4. Hi,

    This is Tejas Deshmukh from DuPont Project in Accenture. The tree plantatation event held on 27th March 2010 was relishing and we all got a sense of satisfaction to have played some part in saving Mother Earth.

    Only Motto to prevent all of us from Global Warming !!!!

    Grow More Trees, Save Mother Earth…

    Keep up the good work, Hariyali Foundation !! 🙂

  5. Hi,

    This was my first visit to any NGO and my first experience to save our envirnoment. Harlyali is doing a fabulous job and it was pleasure to be a part of such an NGO. It was an enthralling experience for me. I will be glad to join such kind of visits once again whenever we plan it for the next time.

    Ritesh Jain

  6. Dear sir,
    By bus going from Borivli the Thane via Ghodbandar Road, at which stop we have to get down and which way do we have to go for the nursery? Please guide us.
    Mrs. Karnik

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