Dr. Pejawar showing a n interesting point  of a flower on the tree


Ms Megha Karkhanis and Dr. Pejavar, both well-known figures in Botanical Sciences took a very good lead in conducting a leisurely stroll on the periphery of Masunda Lake as well as few green lanes of Thane and introduced various aspects of Thanes treasure trees to the group of about 25 Nature Lovers. 

 It was a very enthralling experience to know many little-known facts about trees, there uses, their fruits, seeds, their propagation, all from the knowledgeable duo like Dr. Pejavar and Ms Karkhanis. 

Hariyali member Mr. Anil Kunte deserves a pat for co-ordination this event. 

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On the right, Ms Megha  and Dr. Pejavar explaining interesting points about a flower!   


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