Hariyali is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization), working in the field of protection and upgradation of environmental conditions, having its base in Thane, a twin city of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

It is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 and donations to the Corpus of the Organization are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

It is formed by and comprises of socially conscious citizens coming from cross – section of the society. It has a pool of academicians, field workers, writers, speakers, researchers, scholars, scientists, professionals from various discipllines, industrialists, business executives and administrators working for and under its banner.

It has several ongoing and projected activities which are carried out mainly with the active participation and ‘Shramdan’ (voluntary labor) of students studying in various schools and colleges at all the levels, volunteers from CSR Teams of several corporates, members of other social service organizations like Lions, Rotaries, Giants, etc. Its activities and objectives are enumerated separately.


Ever since its inception in the year 1996, Hariyali has been very active in the field of protection and up-gradation of environmental conditions, more particularly with the involvement and participation of the students community and nature-lovers.

Its major activities and contribution in this field can be enumerated as follows: –

1. Water Conservation:-

1. Identifying the locations for construction of small bunds, preparing project reports and actually implementing the schemes for construction of such bunds.

2. Identifying potential locations and sources for conservation of water, such as abandoned stone quarries, etc.

3. Undertaking measure to clean the lakes and surroundings of such lakes within the city of Thane.

4. Providing guidance and necessary expertise for rainwater harvesting.

2. Afforestation: –

1. Planting of trees on a massive scale across barren hills, across the streets, water supply pipeline and other available public places, residential and educational campuses, etc.

2. Collection of seeds and making saplings of assorted species of trees.

3. Distribution of saplings, free of cost, to the people wanting to plant those, more particularly, at public places.

4. Providing necessary help and expertise for planting trees.

3. Nature literacy and awareness programs:-

1. Organizing treks for the people of different age groups in the vicinity of Thane so as to acquaint the participants with their surroundings.

2. Writing and publishing articles through newspapers and periodicals, regularly, on matters pertaining to the field of activity of the Organization.

3. Participating in seminars, conferences, presenting papers at such conferences on matters pertaining to the activities of the Organization.

4. Organizing such seminars and lectures, enabling social service activists to interact with each other.

5. Presenting serials and other programs on local cable channels and participating in debates/interviews on several channels of television.

6. Publishing an informative and educative wall calendar giving useful information on matters related to protection of environment and interaction with nature, ever since 1999,

7. Organizing ‘River Parikramas’ for undertaking and publishing environmental and ecological status of the catchment areas of the river, as also, the socio-economic conditions of the region through which the river flows.

4. Solid Waste Management:-

1. Experimenting on various methods of converting household garbage into manure, educating the masses about the results of such experiments in coordination with other organizations working in the field.

2. Helping housing complexes to set up their garbage management schemes and projects.

5. Supplementing the efforts

Supplementing the efforts of the administration at all the levels and other organizations and individuals directed at protection and up-gradation of environment.

6. Compiling the manual

Compiling a digital manual of flora and fauna of the region of activity of the Organization.

7. Motivation of youngsters

Motivating the youngsters to participate in the activities to protect their environment.

Participation and involvement of the school and college-going students and socially conscious citizens and nature-lovers is the main strength of HARIYALI.

Main Objectives

  1. Protection and upgradation of Environmental conditions.
  2. Afforestation and conservation of water.
  3. Developing Nature related Inquisitiveness, Literacy, Education and Culture among the youngsters.
  4. Making the youngsters understand the importance of voluntary labor, self-reliance and self-confidence.
  5. Creating an awareness about our own surroundings.
  6. Protection of bio-diversity and natural resources.
  7. Emphasis on self education through inquisitiveness and self-help.

Thane City has mountain ranges on two sides with an average height of about 1000+ above m.s.l. Both these mountain ranges are defaced with haphazard and massive stone quarrying.

There are a number of abandoned stone quarries along these mountain ranges across Ghodbunder Road and Thane – Navi Mumbai, i.e. the TTC Road. However, most of these can easily be converted into water bodies by harvesting and storing rainwater, which subsequently can be used to meet the requirements of water by the residents and the industries in this region.

Here are a few suggestions for making use of such abandoned stone quarries into water bodies: –

  1. It should be made obligatory for the quarry operators to construct a bund as per the pre defined and specific across the open end of the quarry before abandoning the same.
  2. After construction of bunds as defined, such water bodies be monitored by the civic body in coordination with the Government department owing the land. If held privately, such water bodies are taken over by the civic body.
  3. Wherever possible, all such water bodies may be connected with each other by a pipeline.
  4. Appropriate measures should be taken by the civic body to ensure cleanliness of water and surrounding of such water bodies.
  5. Wherever possible, water so stored may be used for appropriate purpose after securing proper chemical analysis of the water samples.
  6. Wherever it may not be possible to use such water for any human needs, possibilities of developing the same for breeding aqua culture and water sports like boating, etc, be explored.

Highlights of the work done since inception in 1996

  1. Massive plantation of trees across Barren Hills, Konkanipada – Manpada region of Yeoor range of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and a number of other sites. 
  2. Conservation of water by development of a number of lakes.
  3. Conservation of soil by construction of bunds across the monsoon springs.
  4. Emphasis on “Work through Shramdan” of students and citizens.
  5. Participation of more than 15000 students in the activities, till date.
  6. Creation of awareness about nature in the surrounding and its conservation, as also, development, through mass communication.
  7. Area of activity, Thane, Mumbai and surroundings.



 Managing Committee 2014 – 2015

 S.No.   Name                                      Designation

1.     Shri Punam Singavi                 Founder President      Trustee

2.     Shri M V Date                      President   Trustee

3.     Shri A.G. Tilak                       Vice President   Trustee

4.     Shri Satish Athalye              Vice President    Rep. of Life members

5.    Shri  Vishal Singavi            Secretary             Trustee

6.   Prin. A D Oak                         Trustee

7.   Shri R D Surana                     Trustee

8.   Shrimati Manisha Tilak            Trustee

9.   Shri S N Patankar                   Trustee

10.  Prof. Y B Bhide                       Trustee

11.  Shri    Suryakant  P Apte             Trustee

12.  Shri Vasant Bondale                Trustee

13.  Shri L S Bhole                         Trustee

14 Mr. Ajit Deshbandhu                 Trustee

14.  Shri Datta Sahasrabuddhe     Treasurer

15. Shri Givind Chovan                  Jt. Secretary

Members of Managing committee

Mrs. Aditi Date

Mr. Chandrashekhar Vaidya

Mr. Shriniwas Sathe

Mr. Nitin Khare

Mr. Pradeep Lothe

Mr. Mohansingh Bisht

Mr. Omprakash Sarawagi

Mr.Avinash Godbole

Mr.Sunil Pujari


Mr.Balkrishna Kude

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