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Administrative Office:
26, Dadoji Konddeo Stadium,
Khartan Road,
Thane 400601 (Maharashtra) INDIA.
E-mail :

Admin. Office timings :- MONDAY & WEDNESDAY

6 pm – 8 pm

Contact Person :

  • Shri  Vishal Singavi — 919820874087
  • Shri  A.G.Tilak– 9867602085
  • Shri satish Athalye 9820832240
  • Shri  Govind Chavan — 919819128514

HARIYALI-Mulund Vibhag

Shri J.Bahalkar   +919222518183

Shri V.Joshi         +919969336569

Hariyali Dombivali

Vikram Vaidya  8097400100

For regular updates on all that’s happening at Hariyali, please visit Hariyali website

Participation in activities of Hariyali is open to all.
You can associate yourself with any or more of the following activities.

  1. Become a Life Member or an Activity member on payment of the prescribed fees for each category.
  2. Participate in the meetings and activities of the organization.
  3. Donate or cause to be donated resources for the organization.
  4. Sponsor or cause to be sponsored any of the projects of the organization.
  5. Join on nature treks, bird observation and other educational programmes, etc.
  6. Contribute your knowledge about nature and its constituents by participating in the activities.
  7. Use your photographic talents for building up the manual of flora and fauna of the region.
  8. At least, visit any of the sites of activities of the organization with prior arrangement.

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    I am frm UPS company where our company given grants to NGO’s.

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